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    Just What Your Heart Needs Right Now

    Explore the Biblical themes that appear in the Christy Miller novels in a more personal way through Robin's nonfiction books and receive sweet encouragement for your soul.

    Praying For Your Future Husband
    Spoken For

    A Guide for Moms First 300 presale orders receive a FREE enclosure card signed by Robin! Release Date - October 6th Reminder!  If you add other items to your cart, your entire order will ship Oct. 6th.  Want your other items...

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    3 Fan Favorite Books Grow in your relationship with God and others with these quiet time and group study favorites. Praying For Your Future Husband Spoken For Victim of Grace

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    Preparing Your Heart for His Christy prayed for her future husband and readers were inspired to do the same. Robin and her co-author Tricia Goyer wrote this nonfiction study to lead young women to seek God's best for their future....


    Embracing Who Your Are and Whose You Are Did you notice how Christy's self-image and confidence grew during her high school years? Yours can grow, too. Robin co-authored this book with Alyssa Bethke when they saw a need for teen...


    When God's Goodness Prevails Christy and Katie were captivated by the thought that we are not victims of circumstances but of God's grace. He is in control. He is always showing us His love and mercy. Experience a deeper understanding...


    You Are Spoken For This colorful 2 page list gives you verses from Genesis to Revelation to remind you of how much God loves you.  You are not left out. You are not alone. You are His and you are spoken...

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    Favorite Verses Have you ever wanted to pray specifically about your future but you weren't sure how or what to pray?  Use this list inspired by Robin and Tricia's book, Praying For Your Future Husband. We created it to be...

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    Complete List of All of Robin's Books Here's the official list!  Over 100 books. All of them were written with lots of prayer, lots of smiles, a few tears and many happy sighs.  We know that some of you Beautiful...

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