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    Christy & Todd: College Years

    Will Christy and Todd's Friendship Grow into Something More?

    A summer trip to Europe with Todd and Katie leads to a life-altering decision for Christy as she and Todd test their friendship to see if theirs truly is a forever love. 

    Until Tomorrow 
    As You Wish 
    I Promise
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    The College Years 3 Books In this 3 book collection you'll journey with Christy and Todd as their relationship grows from friendship to real love. A trip to Europe provides Christy and Todd with a chance to test their foundation and launches...

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    The College Years Book #1 After nearly a year in a university program in Switzerland, Christy Miller is excited to see Katie and Todd who are coming from California to visit her. The three of them dive into a whirlwind...


    The College Years Book #2  Christy returns to Southern California for her junior year at Rancho Corona University with lots of hopes and dreams for the days ahead. What could be better than having Katie as her roommate and seeing...


    The College Years Book #3 Christy and Todd begin discovering all their differences as their relationship leads them to the day when they’ll exchange vows. Todd’s breezy view of life clashes with Christy’s desire to have a plan that allows...

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    Complete List of All of Robin's Books Here's the official list!  Over 100 books. All of them were written with lots of prayer, lots of smiles, a few tears and many happy sighs.  We know that some of you Beautiful...

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    Preparing Your Heart for His Christy prayed for her future husband and readers were inspired to do the same. Robin and her co-author Tricia Goyer wrote this nonfiction study to lead young women to seek God's best for their future....

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    Favorite Verses Have you ever wanted to pray specifically about your future but you weren't sure how or what to pray?  Use this list inspired by Robin and Tricia's book, Praying For Your Future Husband. We created it to be...

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