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    Christy & Todd: Baby Years

    What Happens When Christy and Todd Become Parents? 

    You'll keep turning the pages as you Christy goes into labor, old friends come for long visits and a special wedding day changes everything.

    Sandy Toes
    Salty Kisses 
    Sunset Lullaby

    Purchase all 3 books in the Baby Years series collection and save! 
    You can also order each book individually.

    The Baby Years Book #1 A new season begins for Christy and Todd with a pregnancy test and a disillusioning visit to the doctor. As they try to catch their balance, Todd’s job swerves in a new direction and Aunt...


    The Baby Years Book #2 Christy is elated when her best friend and favorite redhead arrives in Newport Beach. The reason for Katie’s journey from Kenya is complicated, but that doesn’t stop the two Peculiar Treasures from hoping for lots...


    The Baby Years Book #3 Christy’s life with Todd and their two little ones in their cozy Newport Beach cottage is everything she ever hoped for. So why is she having such a hard time finding balance and a sense of...

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