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    Christy Miller High School Series

    Here's Where it All Began

    Meet Christy as a 14 year-old on the beach in California and journey with her through the ups and downs of her high school years. She'll soon feel like a close Forever Friend and inspire you to seek only God's best as you grow into the woman He created you to be.
    Volume 1:   Summer Promise, A Whisper and a Wish, Yours Forever
    Volume 2:   Surprise Endings, Island Dreamer, A Heartful of Hope
    Volume 3:   True Friends, Starry Night, Seventeen Wishes
    Volume 4:   A Time to Cherish, Sweet Dreams, A Promise Is Forever

    Purchase all 12 books in the 4 Volume High School series collection and save! 
    You can also order each book individually.
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      The High School Years 12 Books in 4 Volumes It all begins when 14 year-old Christy spends the summer with her aunt and uncle in California and meets a group of teens who become her Forever Friends. Come along on...

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      High School Years Volume 1 The timeless 12-book Christy Miller High School series starts here! 3 books in 1 paperback volume. Summer Promise Fourteen-year-old Christy Miller leaves Wisconsin for California to stay at her aunt and uncle's beachfront home. This must be...


      High School Years Volume 2 Christy's sophmore year concludes with a few surprises that lead into a dreamy summer trip to Maui and an unforgettable fall of her junior year of high school. Surprise Endings Cheerleading tryouts are coming up and...


      High School Years Volume 3 Christy rolls through her junior year growing closer to the people that mean the most to her and trying to make sense of a few other relationships that keep her guessing. True Friends What is a true...


      High School Years Volume 4 Christy's senior year propels her into the future with the biggest twist in her life that she never saw coming. A Time To Cherish What could be better than spending Labor Day weekend on a houseboat...

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      Volume 1 Connect With Your Forever Friends and Let the Conversation Begin Now you can explore the timeless stories and memorable characters in the first 3 books in the Christy Miller High School Years Series. Ideal for Book Clubs! 7 downloadable pages...

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      Complete your Christy Miller Collection with Diary and Departures A must-have for fans of the characters in this enduring fictional series. Christy Miller's Diary records Christy's thoughts and feelings during her teen and college years. Get the inside info on what she...

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      Complete List of All of Robin's Books Here's the official list!  Over 100 books. All of them were written with lots of prayer, lots of smiles, a few tears and many happy sighs.  We know that some of you Beautiful...

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